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by Harold W. Percival

What is most important to you in life?

If your answer is to achieve greater understanding of yourself and the world in which we live; if it is to understand why we are here on earth and what awaits us after death; if it is to know the true purpose of life, your life, Thinking and Destiny offers you the opportunity to find these answers. And many more.

Within these pages, information older than recorded history is now made known to the world—about Consciousness. The great value of this is that it can help us to better understand ourselves, the universe ... and beyond. This book is not a doctrine that will tell you how to live your life. The author states that an important lesson for each man and woman is to determine for one’s self what to do and what not to do. He said: “I do not presume to preach to anyone; I do not consider myself a preacher or a teacher.”

Although this great work was written for all of humanity, relatively few throughout the world have found it. But the tides are shifting as more seek to understand the meaning of the personal and global challenges we face, as well as the pain and suffering that often accompany them. The author's sincerest wish was that Thinking and Destiny serve as a beacon light to help all human beings to help themselves.

Both the casually curious reader and the most ardent seeker of profound knowledge cannot help but be intrigued by the abundance, scope and detail of the subjects that are addressed in this book. Many will wonder how the author obtained the information. The unusual manner in which this masterpiece was produced is described in both the Author’s Foreword and the Afterword.

Percival began to outline chapters for Thinking and Destiny following experiences of potent illumination, which he referred to as being conscious of Consciousness. He stated that being conscious of Consciousness reveals the “unknown” to the one who has been so conscious. These experiences allowed Percival to later access knowledge about any subject by a particular method of focusing, or what he called "real thinking." It was through this method that the book was written.

There is an authenticity in Percival's writing because it is devoid of assumptions, theory or pretense. His impeccable dedication to the highest mode of truth never wavers. This is a book that speaks to the longing in every human heart to know why humankind is as it is. Thinking and Destiny is an unusually eloquent discourse that encompasses the totality of the manifested and unmanifested worlds; as such, it can be applied to the lives of all who discover its liberating message.

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A Note to New Readers: Thinking and Destiny may seem different from anything you have read. If you experience difficulty understanding some of the ideas presented we wouldn't want this to deter you from continuing to explore what, for many of us, has been a profound life-changing experience. As you continue to read and think into the material, what may have initially seemed perplexing will often become clear. The Definitions and Symbols sections can provide additional support.