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Harold W. Percival assigned the copyrights for all of his books to The Word Foundation, Inc. His stated desire was that Thinking and Destiny always be published as a whole and not be broken up into smaller books. It is likely that his main concern was that this type of information taken out of context would not provide adequate understanding of the “strange and startling statements” that he dared to make to the conscious and immortal self in every human body. Passages may seem incomprehensible, or be easily misconstrued to one’s disadvantage, without an understanding of them in relationship to the entire book. The Word Foundation seeks a balance between our purpose to make the Percival books widely known and our responsibility to keep the books whole, as they are presented on this web site.

Private Use
The Word Foundation has brought the Percival books to the world wide web domain so that all may partake of information vitally relevant to everyone’s inner development. You may, therefore, print or download any portion or all of these books to your hard drive or to CD disc for your personal and non-public, non-commercial use. Of course, no part of this printed or downloaded text may be altered in any way.

Public Use
Sharing quotations from the Percival books in correspondence or study over the Internet may be done under Fair Use guidelines. Please see the “Fair Use” heading below. However, since it would be an infringement of copyright law to post these books or their chapters and sections on the internet, we encourage those who share our desire to make Percival’s message more widely known to simply link to our web site at www.thewordfoundation.org

Commercial Use
A commercial work is any work that is bought, sold, or exchanged for value. Any person may quote up to 500 words in any commercial work from any of our books without contacting The Word Foundation, Inc. Any person requesting to quote more than 500 words in any commercial work from our books is required to contact The Word Foundation, Inc. for further direction.

Fair Use
There is an exemption to the U.S. Copyright Laws called Fair Use, section 107. These guidelines may be referred to for any desired use of the Percival books that is not covered above. Or, you may contact The Word Foundation, Inc. for further direction. Honest intention and common sense application make the Fair Use addition to the copyright laws fair to everyone concerned.
In all quotations, proper reference to the author must be noted and the source book referenced when applicable.

For further information on these requirements, please Contact Us.